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August 2014

The Skerries did a two-night live recording session in Forestville, which went really well. Was a lot of fun to do and thanks to Darryl Webb of Banquet Studios, we got a great sound. More to come on this!

April 2014

I'm very pleased and grateful to report that the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music have kindly given me a grant to compose music for The Skerries Sextet. When the music is completed, we will perform concerts in the SF Bay Area, most likely in the spring/summer of 2015.

April 2013

The new Expanded Band CD - The Long Walk has now been released. More info and audio here.

November, 2012

The Expanded Band CD now has a release date in the spring of 2013. You can look at the cover on the Ex. Band page. We 're going to do some concerts in the Bay Area in late March.



October, 2011

I see there's been quite a gap in the news, not for a lack of things to write about but for all the doing and forgetting to take the time to write. The two biggest news items at this time is that the second TONE BENT CD is out as of April this year and that the Expanded Band recorded in January and as of this week the material is edited and mixed and close to finished and sounding just great! So, I'm very happy about that to say the least.

October, 2009

There's been a lot of non-musical life stuff going on in the past months. Since the Tone Bent tour in April, life has been mostly about my dad who became very ill in early May and passed away on June 17th. We just had a wonderful memorial for him in Washington DC on September 20th.

On the 13th and 14th of November in San Francisco and Santa Rosa, the Bill Horvitz Expanded Band will be doing two performances with a stellar cast of musicians, including some veterans and some newfaces. See details under Performances. I'm very excited to be playing this music again and have some new material to add along with constantly tinkering with the old pieces.

Robin and I are ready to record the second Tone Bent CD. We have more than enough material and are ready to go.

I'm also going to do the music for a "word for word" style production of some of Barbara Kingsolver's writing at the Santa Rosa Junior College in January 2010.


January, 2008

Getting ready for two projects coming up soon: Tone Bent in Forestville CA on February 7th at 7:30. Thanks to Robin we suddenly have a bunch of new songs, very cool stuff and we're about to record....


I'm doing the music for the play Anatomy of Gray at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Acoustic guitar and banjo to fit the late 1800s settting. It's been a lot of fun to put this together and I think the music is coming out very well...

November, 2007

Just finished a two-week Bill Horvitz Band to the NW with Steve and Harris (Paul Kikuchi and Skye Brooks subbing beautifully on drums for part of the time) and a recording session with Steve and Harris for our next CD, which went really well. Now have two projects recorded and on to mixing etc etc etc......very exciting all around!

September, 2007

Upcoming trio tour with Steve Adams and Harris Eisenstadt to the NW in late October, Early November (see performances). Hoping to record at the end of that time. Tonebent is working on a CD, slowly but surely and has a few gigs coming up (see

And ... working on the Expanded Band recording from Roulette in NYC this past May. Very cool sounding, great playing, figuring out takes and rough mixes, then on to final mixes and getting the CD out. Look for news about that here early next year.

June 2007 Back home after a great tour with the trio in April/May and culminating with a stellar Expanded Band tribute to my brother Philip on May 6th at Roulette in NYC. The band played so beautifully, I was completely blown away. Many friends of Phil's were there as well as family and lots of old friends from NYC, including Stephanie Stone, which was a wonderful surprise. I could go on and on, but won't at this point. The performance was recorded and videotaped and the band came back the day after the concert for more recording, which was done at Roulette as well on a 24 track system. The video looks and sounds great and I think there will be a CD taken from the concert and the session, which should be out by the end of the year.

April 2007 The main thing happening at this point is a Bill Horvitz Band tour (with Steve Adams and Harris Eisenstadt)in late April and early May in New England and New York, culminating in an Expanded Band tribute to my brother Philip on May 6th at Roulette in NYC. The trio has 9 gigs (see Performances) and this version of the Expanded Band for Roulette is now 20-members strong and a wonderful band, including singers and a poet. It's going to be a reunion of sorts, with some of the players being people I've played with over the past nearly 30 years. (David Sewelson, Vincent Chancey, Jason Hwang, to name a few). We did two performances in the SF Bay Area in Nov. 2006, and the band was fabulous. Some of them (Steve Adams, Kyle Bruckman, Darren Johnston, Omid Zoufonoun, Katie Harlow, and Joseph Sabella) will also be performing at Roulette. There's a family connection this time as Wayne will be playing piano and Robin Holcomb will be singing along with Robin Eschner and myself. We also have Brian Thorstenson, one of Philip's closest friends, reading poems for Philip, which was a powerful and very moving part of the performance in SF.

I also wrote my second choral piece this past January and February and probably March. It's an arrangement of a song that Robin and I wrote a couple of years ago, called "Betting Kind." It will be performed during the May, 2007 concerts of the Occidental Choir. (see Performances)


Spring 2006

A lot going on these days, much to do with the choir and my first choral piece based on a true story about Japanese-American farmers in California's Central Valley, who were taken to camps during World War II, and during that time a few of their farms and homes were saved for them by their neighbors.

It seems these acts were done privately and silently, acts of great courage in a time when Japanese Americans were generally being ripped off and were looked on with tremendous animosity. The lyrics for the piece are by Marcy Telles and the title is "Life Is What You Make It."


TONEBENT is now starting to record the first Tonebent CD. After a very fun and rewarding tour in January, we've been staying closer to home, but are heading out for some gigs during the summer, both in the Bay Area and other locations. Stay tuned on the TONEBENT site for more info.

Robin and I have just finished the sound track to a 15 minute film noir/horror movie called Jack's Arm, which was which was made by artist, writer, filmmaker Patrick Fanning (

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