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Bill Horvitz Expanded Band

Photo: Robert Holt 2009


The new Expanded Band CD - The Long Walk - has now been released. More info and audio here.

Bill Horvitz in Conversation with Derk Richardson About Recording The Long Walk at Fantasy Studios

NYC Performance!

Sunday, June 30th 6PM


509 Atlantic Ave (On the corner of Atlantic and 3rd Aves)

Downtown Brooklyn
General Admission: $15  Members/Students/Seniors: $10

2, 3, 4, 5, C, G, D, M, N, R, B & Q trains and the LIRR


The Bill Horvitz Expanded Band (East Coast) for Roulette:

Ben Kono oboe/English horn
Mike McGinnis clarinets
Marty Ehrlich alto sax/flute
Matt Bauder tenor sax
Dave Sewelson bari sax
Sara Schoenbeck bassoon
Vincent Chancey French horn
Nate Wooley trumpet
Riley Mulherkar trumpet
Steve Swell trombone
Ron Caswell tuba
Jason Hwang violin
Christopher Hoffman cello
Wayne Horvitz piano
Ken Filiano bass
Bobby Previte drums
Omid Zoufonoun conductor
Bill Horvitz guitar


Friday, March 22nd 8 PM
The Long Walk in memory of Philip Horvitz
468 19th Street, Oakland, CA 9PM


Saturday, March 23rd 8 PM
The Glaser Center
547 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa
all ages (707) 568-5381

Pay what you will, suggested admission $20

tickets at Brown Paper tickets or at the door

Cover for forthcoming CD    CD Release April 2nd, 2013

                                                                      cover art by Robin Eschner


Band Personnel |


The Bill Horvitz Expanded Band is a 17-piece conducted ensemble that plays original works drawing on jazz, funk, folk, and new-music. The band includes a stellar line up of some of the Bay Area's (and beyond) finest musicians. The compositions are highly composed and arranged and also contain sections of conducted improvisation, at which point conductor Omid Zoufonoun spontaneously brings instruments in and out to create solos and small groups and then return to the scored arrangement. Omid is a highly skilled conductor and musician and brings a strongly intuitive and musical sense of improvisation to the ensemble.

The Long Walk is Sonoma County musician/composer Bill Horvitz’s moving and inspiring tribute to his late brother Philip, an inspired writer, director, actor, dancer, and choreographer. Explains Horvitz, “Philip was a man who deeply loved many kinds of music. He was generous and kind, playful and curious, dramatic and impassioned. He had the largest group of extremely close friends of anyone I've ever known.” Composed after Philip passed away suddenly of heart failure on March 30, 2005, The Long Walk incorporates the same characteristics—playfulness, curiosity, generosity of spirit—that defined Philip during his short but extraordinary life.

“About a year after Philip died,” says Horvitz, “I began hearing the beginnings of new compositions that felt in some way related to him. I spent the next many months composing the music and imagining the group of players I would like to have perform. As I wrote, I realized that I wanted a fairly large ensemble that included instruments from jazz as well as some more often found in chamber groups. The resulting pieces are a mix of folk, jazz, funk, and new-music works that have come out of the enormous range of emotions I've felt since Philip’s death, and though they are not ‘his music,’ they have been influenced by him nonetheless. “

Many of the pieces that comprise The Long Walk have been performed in the Bay Area and in New York City to extremely enthusiastic audiences. The program has a universal appeal, beautifully illustrating how the loss of someone very close can be turned into a work of healing, acceptance, and love.

The Long Walk is presented at The Glaser Center as part of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation’s ongoing Arts & Culture Ministry to Sonoma County.


Omid Zoufonoun conductor

Kyle Bruckman oboe/English horn
Aram Shelton clarinets

Steve Adams sax/flute
Sheldon Brown tenor sax

Jon Raskin baritone sax
Michael Cooke bassoon
Hal Forman trumpet
Darren Johnston trumpet
George Hines French horn

Ned Haran trombone
Kim Allen tuba
Sarah Jo Zaharako violin
Shirley Hunt cello

Dan Seamans bass
Wayne Horvitz piano
Vijay Anderson drums
Bill Horvitz guitar, composer




2009 Performances:

"The Long Walk"

in memory of Philip Horvitz

Friday, November 13th 2009 8 PM

Community Music Center

544 Capp St.
San Francisco

$10 adults/$5 students, seniors, art pass (all ages) (415) 647-6015

Saturday, November 14th 8PM
The Glaser Center
547 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa
Sliding Scale admission (all ages) (707) 568-5381


Omid Zoufonoun conductor

Kyle Bruckman oboe/English horn
Marty Erhlich clarinets

Steve Adams sax/flute

Dave Sewelson baritone sax
Sara Schoenbeck bassoon
Russ Johnson trumpet
Darren Johnston trumpet
Vincent Chancey French horn
Marcus Rojas tuba
Jason Hwang violin
Katie Harlow cello

Ken Filiano bass
Wayne Horvitz piano
Harris Eisenstadt drums

Joseph Sabella drums

Robin Holcomb vocals

Robin Eschner vocals

Brian Thorstenson spoken word
Bill Horvitz guitar, vocals, composer

2007 Performance:

"The Long Walk"

in memory of Philip Horvitz

Sunday, May 6th 8PM

30 Greene Street NYC